Pet Adoption and Fostering – Cats need a holiday too!

Along with the Christmas holidays, the summer holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for re-homing centres – and this is true for all animals, not just cats.
Families are worrying about how to arrange childcare alongside working lives, and looking forward to going away for their 1 or 2 week break.

can we come on hol - cats

“We need a holiday too!”


Less people are thinking about adopting or fostering a cat at this time, or any other animal for that matter. Which is a shame because rescue centres are getting calls every day about animals in need of help, but a lot of places are full to the brim and cannot take more animals until they have re-homed the ones they have. 

If you can’t adopt permanently, maybe you could consider short-term fostering to give the rescue centre – and the animal – a well-deserved break. Contact your local rescue centre for more details.

Comets Corners current Charity of the Month is Rushden Persian Rescue, an established registered Charity based in Rushden (Northamptonshire) for the rescue and re-homing of Persian (and occassionally subject to space) other pedigree cats in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas. 

They say “Sadly we are ‘insanely busy’ at the moment,and we have several cats waiting to come in (some on death row) so we need try to find homes for our current residents to enable us to get them in, so if you have been thinking about getting a cat from us, please get in touch, as we often have other cats not listed on the site yet that are waiting to come in. “

Visit their ‘Available’ page on their website for details & pictures of the many cats they have looking for homes.

cat in deckchair

Give a cat a well-deserved break – adopt or foster this summer!


Concept for this post taken from ‘This Is Somerset’ newspaper article.

Please visit our online pet accessories store Comets Corners for more details on how we – and you – can help! For every sale we make, at least 10% of our proceeds goes to our chosen animal welfare charity or organisation of the month!
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I am the owner of a new online pet accessories shop with a difference... For every sale we make we will donate a minimum of 10% of all our proceeds to our animal welfare 'Charity of the Month'. Our aim is to help raise awareness for animal welfare charities and organisations and to help with fundraising and events. Please check out today!
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