Dr Vadim

DNA testing to identify a dog’s breed has been promoted for a few years now.

Now in a new study a bunch of clever Veterinarians decided to submit a few samples of dogs with known ancestry to see if the test is any good:

‘The final dog we tested was Laika. Her owner, Dr. Maureen Roberts, is a veterinarian in California who tested Laika in 2007 when Canine Heritage first became available. We repeated that test to see if the results would be consistent, and to compare the results with Wisdom Panel’s. Here’s what we got: 

2007: Canine Heritage reported Chinese shar-pei, Akita, Siberian husky and border collie as secondary breeds. 

2012: Canine Heritage reported Siberian husky as a secondary breed, with border collie and Bernese mountain dog “in the mix.” 

2012: Wisdom Panel determined Laika to be half Siberian husky and a melange of other breeds, possibly bull terrier, shiba…

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