The Transport of Live Horses for Slaughter

Astonishingly, there are many who support the slaughter of horses for human consumption. To most of us, this is as abhorrent as the killing of dogs & cats and many other domestic animals for food around the world. Like dogs & cats, horses have been man’s companions for thousands of years, never intended as food. 

transport of live horses for slaughter

A horse being transported in cramped conditions – from the World Horse Welfare website

Tens of thousands of horses are transported long-distance across Europe to unlicensed slaughterhouses  – estimates are in the region of 80-100,000 horses each year. In cramped conditions they suffer injury, dehydration and exhaustion – as well as terror. Many horses are not even fit to travel, but they can be en route for up to a week, and with drivers being paid to get as many horses to their destinations as quickly as possible, they often travel continuously, without stopping to check the horses or give them food or water. Packed so tightly in the trucks, if a horse is weak or falls, often it is trampled under the hooves of the other horses, unable to get back up.

The horses that are slaughtered are not all old and injured, but even this would not justify the cruel way in which they are killed. Unlike euthanasia, which is a gentle way to end the suffering of an animal, the tactics used in these slaughterhouses are barbaric.

Firstly they will be stabbed several times in the neck to sever the spinal cord, which paralyzes the horse but it still feels pain and fear. While still conscious they are then strung up, bled out and dismembered.

As you can see, this is NOT an acceptable alternative to euthanasia.

According to World Horse Welfare these journeys are unnecessary as well as cruel, as there are hundreds of licensed slaughterhouses across Europe, whose methods of killing are humane. They would like to see an end to the current situation, and the introduction of  a ‘short, finite journey limit to prevent needless suffering’. 

We can all help by joining WHW’s campaign – writing to our Agriculture Minister, sharing the campaign across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, writing to the press, and generally spreading the word! 

To learn more about the World Horse Welfare campaign, visit their website page Take action now to drive the abuse off Europe’s roads’. 

Find World Horse Welfare on Facebook          whw logo          And Twitter   


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