We have a small decorative pond in our backyard and we also have a pool.  I usually am one of the last people to open my pool because every spring the frogs from our little pond go up and lay their eggs in the water that sits on our pool cover.  I will have thousands of tadpoles at a time in various stages of development on top of our cover.

Why do I want so many frogs in my garden?  Because frogs and toads are tremendously beneficial to gardeners and anyone who loves to spend any time outside. They eat thousands of insect pests, including pesky mosquitoes and flies. (A single adult toad can eat as many as 10,000 insects per summer.) Both toads and frogs will also fill the air with their “generally” relaxing songs, and be interesting and well-behaved neighbors to have around.

Unfortunately, frog and toad populations…

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I am the owner of a new online pet accessories shop with a difference... For every sale we make we will donate a minimum of 10% of all our proceeds to our animal welfare 'Charity of the Month'. Our aim is to help raise awareness for animal welfare charities and organisations and to help with fundraising and events. Please check out http://www.cometscorners.co.uk/ today!
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