Signs of illness in your dog – what to look out for

Your animal can’t talk to you with words, so in this post we’ll be trying to highlight the signs that something might be wrong with your dog, and when it might be best to call the vet.

We would like to stress that this is a guideline only, and that if you are at all worried and unsure, immediately call your vet for advice.
sick dog

Coughs & sneezes – Any persistent coughing and sneezing or breathing problems should be brought to the attention of your vet. They may be the symptoms of a common cold, but could also have more serious reasons, such as heart trouble or kennel cough.

Changes in toilet habits – An increase in urination and thirst may be a symptom of diabetes, while a decrease in urination, or your dog seeming to have trouble ‘going’, could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or stones in the bladder. The latter may also cause blood in the urine. These should all be related to your vet with a matter of urgency. Bowel changes, such as constipation, may just need a slight adjustment of diet, such as making sure there is always fresh water if your dog eats a ‘dry’ food. Again, if you are at all unsure, consult your vet.

Vomiting – Like humans, dogs will vomit on occasion for no apparent reason, maybe they’ve been outside and eaten something they shouldn’t have, and generally if your dog vomits once then it needn’t be cause for concern. However, if your dog continually vomits during the day, is off his food, and seems lethargic and not himself, it may be a symptom of an underlying illness which will need the attention of your vet. Blood in the vomit may be a sign that he has swallowed something sharp, and this will also need immediate attention.
sick dog at the vets cartoon 

Diarrhoea –  As with vomiting, diarrhoea can happen periodically with no ill-effects, apart from a lovely mess to clean up! Continuous diarrhoea can lead to dehydration, so if it hasn’t cleared up within the space of a day consult your vet. Make sure there are plenty of fluids available also.

Lack of appetite – As we all know that in a healthy dog this is rarely a problem! Sometimes they might not want to eat their food if you have something delicious cooking in the kitchen, sometimes they just need a little encouragement (call it having an off-day, we all have them!), but if they don’t get their usual appetite back after 24 hours this could be due to stress or pain of some kind, and is best investigated by the vet.

The same also applies for a lack of energy or lethargy, which could have underlying causes. Stress could be caused by a new member of the family (human or animal), a change of routine (an owner starting work and being away from the house), a house move or even the death of an owner.

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