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Healthy, Happy Dogs!

Tis the season!  FLEAS!!  Will you have a dog with fleas?  Unfortunately, we had a very mild winter, which is usually followed by a bad flea season.  Having a dog with fleas does not mean that she is dirty or not well groomed.  All it takes is one or two fleas coming into the house and an infestation can happen very quickly.

So how can we prevent fleas?  I believe that part of flea prevention starts with a healthy dog, which starts with diet.  My personal preference is a raw or home cooked diet.  If that is not practical for you, use a good quality, grain-free all natural food.  Read the labels, make sure there are no chemical preservatives or coloring.  Apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, B-complex and garlic are all wonderful to help prevent fleas from the inside out.

There are some wonderful essential oils you can use as…

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