Yes – why isn’t he banned for life from keeping animals?!


“Sorry but I think 16 weeks custody & banned from keeping animals for 10 years  (his are at his daughters which I presume he can see whenever) is far to lenient…He killed a kitten, doesn’t that life deserve more than 16 weeks??…This has made me very angry!! Yet again!!”

A cruel father who killed his son’s ten-week-old kitten after throwing it from his 16ft high apartment balcony because it soiled his sofa was jailed today.

Dollkeith Anthony Jarrett, 46, was allegedly heard yelling that he would kill the animal just hours before its tiny black and white body was found dead on the ground outside his flat.

The animal was found 28 feet away from the building by a neighbour and a post-mortem revealed that it had died from a blunt trauma consisting of falling from a height.

Jarrett initially denied harming the animal, or throwing it off the 16ft…

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  1. janah says:

    that sort of abuse truly makes me sick to my stomach…i can only hope karma will come back ten fold to that awful man

  2. You just can’t imagine what goes through people’s minds when being so cruel.. makes me beg the question – what about his son? Is he subjected to the cruelty too, or will he grow up thinking it’s normal? Or both? 😦

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