Animals needing homes – DDA Watch March 2012

Molly needs a home DDA Watch 3.12Molly is a 2 year old bull lurcher bitch. She is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Molly has basic training and is very quick to learn. She will excel at whatever she is taught and is a cracking dog. Molly appears dog friendly if a little bouncy! She would like a home with older children and someone at home most of the day. Molly has spent over a year in kennels and will need to remember what it is to live in a home. I think Molly will settle very quickly in a home despite spending so long in kennels. Molly is very loving and eager to please, someone will find a wonderful friend in her! Molly is dog friendly and walks well on lead. She could be rehomed with a male resident dog.

Molly is currently in West Sussex. For more infomation or to request a prehome adoption form, please email All potential homes will be homechecked and a donation is required.

izzy needs a home DDA Watch 3.12Mastiff x bitch, spayed chipped and will be vaccinated. Approx 2 yrs old. This lovely dog is looking for a large breed experienced home. No children or small furries or resident dogs. Izzy has not shown any aggression towards other dogs but would not live with one! Currently in West Sussex please email for more information. Please note: Very strict vetting procedure.

merlin needs a home dda watch 3.12
Merlin is a bullbreed cross. He is 16 months old, neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Merlin is dog friendly and walks well on lead. He is looking for a home with no small furries and if children, teenage or over only. Merlin is looking for a bullbreed experienced home where he can be given the love and extra confidence he needs. Merlin is a fantastic dog for the right home. Currently in West Sussex, please email for more information or for a prehome adoption form. A donation will be required and all potential homes will be homechecked.

For more details please visit the DDA Watch website or Facebook page.

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I am the owner of a new online pet accessories shop with a difference... For every sale we make we will donate a minimum of 10% of all our proceeds to our animal welfare 'Charity of the Month'. Our aim is to help raise awareness for animal welfare charities and organisations and to help with fundraising and events. Please check out today!
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    Please help us find good, loving and responsible homes for the lovely dogs in the care of DDA Watch. For more information on any of the dogs pictured, or to request a prehome application form, please email – Thank you

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