Not qualified to say whether I think a relax on the ban is a good thing or not, I certainly think there are fors and againsts, but I do believe that something has to be done before another magnificent animal is listed as extinct.


More than 30 years after governments agreed to ban the international trade in rhino horns, the slaughter rate has got much worse, not better.

More than 95 percent of Africa’s remaining rhinos were wiped out within 20 years of the 1977 ban.

And in SA, the largest-remaining bastion of wild rhino protection, massive holes have been punched through the law enforcement barriers which once protected the country’s rhinos from ruthless underworld crime syndicates.

More than 1 000 rhinos have been slaughtered here in just four years. Every year the death rate climbs steadily, despite government pledges to tackle horn poachers head-on.

Inevitably, this mounting death rate has triggered renewed calls for a revision of rhino-protection strategies – including a highly controversial proposal to lift or relax the global trading ban.

The broad theory is that legalising the sale of SA’s massive rhino horn stockpiles could help to drive down soaring…

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