Obsession with breed: As troublesome as discrimination against it

The Unexamined Dog

Most of my professional experience has been in teacher training and preparation.  Without fail, most prospective teachers, particularly those younger and newer to the work, cite the following as their reasons for going into teaching:  “I just love English,” “Math has always been my favorite subject,” or . . . “I love working with kids.”  Well, that’s great.  But it ain’t enough, especially if you’re serious about making a difference.

When I hear people just getting into, or already active, in the animal welfare community say things like, “I love pit bulls,” or “I’m a dog person,” or the ever-dreaded “I’ll never own another breed other than this one,” my hackles go up.  Because phrases like these signal to me that someone has most definitely lost sight of the forest for the trees, perhaps before they even knew that they are in fact standing in a forest.

In teacher education…

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I am the owner of a new online pet accessories shop with a difference... For every sale we make we will donate a minimum of 10% of all our proceeds to our animal welfare 'Charity of the Month'. Our aim is to help raise awareness for animal welfare charities and organisations and to help with fundraising and events. Please check out http://www.cometscorners.co.uk/ today!
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