Dog Spinning


Dog Spinning or “trichane na kuche” is a ritual celebrated in Brodilovo, a rural Bulgarian village

“In dog spinning, which is practiced each year at the beginning of March, a man’s “best friend” is suspended hight above water on a rope. The dog is wound up into a rope, then released so that the dog spins rapidly as rope unwinds, and the dog falls into the water”.

The practice was stopped in 2005 when the media outside of Bulgaria found out about the ritual and reported it to the world. Animal welfare organizations were outraged by its cruelty and the pressure they put on Bulgaria put an end to the practice.
But the mayor of Brodilovo, a rural Bulgarian village, has renewed the ancient ritual in 2011. He said, “Nobody is killing or hurting the dogs. They are brought by their owners who love them in order to take part…

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