Dogfighting Should Not Be a Fun Game that Children Can Download!

Available for download as an app on Android phones for a few pounds is a game that glorifies dog fighting, which is illegal in the US and here in the UK – and quite rightly so.

KG Dogfighting, developed by Seattle company Kage Games, allows users to train virtual dogs and compete with other users’ dogs in bloody online matches.

Kage Games defends its app by saying that it is no more dangerous or sick than Angry Birds, and that it doesn’t violate Google terms of use (why not Google??) They also say on their site “Just because something is illegal in real life in certain countries does not mean it is illegal to make a song, movie, or video game about it” and also suggest critics of the game can tell ‘someone who cares’.

Animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA, The Dogs Trust and PETA have all condemmed the game and are calling for it to be banned. But amazingly Android (in the UK) have “reviewed the app and decided it was not in violation of any Android Market policies.”

The cruel reality of dog fighting is that dogs are trained in fighting from a very early age, are kept in terrible conditions, and are starved, beaten and provoked into aggression. Dog trainers steal pet dogs and cats from peoples property to use as bait; these animals are then dumped and left to die with horrific injuries. Actual fights in the pit can last for hours, with dogs tearing each other apart while often fighting to the death. The losers of the game will often be used as bait themselves to train the next generation of fighting dog, or will simply be drowned or shot (if lucky) and discarded.

Here are some ideas on how you can help to stop this game:

  • Email Kage Games at
  • Email Google at and ask they remove KG Dogfighting/Dog Wars and both Dog Bucks packs from the Android Market.
  • Flag this application and both add-on packs as inappropriate here.  The application’s name is “KG Dogfighting/Dog Wars”, the 2 add-on applications are named “Dog Bucks”, and the developer is Kage Games LLC. The link to Link to application on is:
  • If you’re an Android device user, search “Dog Wars” and “Dog Bucks” in the Android Market application.  Flag all of them from your device as well.
  • Sign the petition to Google and Android demanding KG Dogfighting/Dog Wars and related Dog Bucks apps be banned from the Market.

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I am the owner of a new online pet accessories shop with a difference... For every sale we make we will donate a minimum of 10% of all our proceeds to our animal welfare 'Charity of the Month'. Our aim is to help raise awareness for animal welfare charities and organisations and to help with fundraising and events. Please check out today!
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