Totally agree with what’s said here!

Andrew Puccetti

Being involved in the animal rights movement, I get this argument all of the time.  “Humans are smarter than animals.  Why should they have rights?”

Although it is true that animals act on instinct while humans can distinguish between right and wrong, I find this a rather unthought question.  Why don’t humans realize just how amazing animals are?

Elephants mourn the death of their loved ones.  Apes are known to use tools for living.  Pigs are known to be just as smart as dogs.

We can also experience the intelligence of animals on a personal level.  Have  you ever noticed a dog become jealous when not paid attention to?  This alone can just prove that an animal can have humanlike qualities.

Humans should not be comparing animals’  intelligence to ours, for we are a far different species.  We have some senses that are better than animals just as animals have some senses that our better than…

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